About BSM NV4

BSM NV4 are Proud Military Moms in Southern Nevada,
Henderson & Boulder City, Las Vegas & North Las Vegas,
Clark County, serving ALL Southern Nevada – Las Vegas Valley.
GO TO www.bluestarmothers.org TO JOIN Chapter NV4
The ONLY Official BSMA, Inc. Chapter in Southern Nevada.
City of Henderson Military Banner Program Ceremony 11-4-2017

Official Chapter of “Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc., since 1942”, a National and Congressional Chartered, non-profit (501[c]3), ALL volunteer, Veterans Service Organization of Military Moms of someone currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and honorably or medically discharged from the U.S. Military.

We support each other and our children while promoting patriotism.  We send care packages to deployed personnel in war zones around the world.   We welcome home our Returning Heroes and Honor Flights for our older Veterans.  We assist Veteran Service Organizations such as  American Legion,  DAV ~ Disabled American Veterans,  MOPH ~ Military Order of the Purple Heart,  VFW ~ Veterans of Foreign Wars,  VVA ~ Vietnam Veterans of America and the USO to name a few.  We volunteer at the VA.  We support Veterans Health Care and those in transition.  We host events at the Nevada State Veterans Home.  We march in parades.  We assist and participate in ceremonies that honor, remember and support our military men and women ~ Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Reserve.  We support families of our Fallen Heroes of the Global War on Terrorism.  We Support Our Troops & Veterans in Southern Nevada.


BSM NV4 – Mayor Andy Hayfen – Councilman Sam Bateman –
Councilwoman Debra March – Councilwoman Gerri Schroder
CITY OF HENDERSON – Veterans Memorial Wall  *2016




Blue Star Mothers NV4 mission is to support through service.  We are honored to support our U.S. Military ~ Past, Present & Future!!


“We, the mothers of members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, do unite to establish a permanent organization.  Desiring to continue to be of service to our nation, we dedicate our time and our lives, if necessary, to the perpetuation of democratic government and are proud and honored that our sons and daughters have been chosen to serve their country.”


animated blue star line
I Am A Blue Star Mother

I am the mother of a United States Service Member
My child gave me this title.

I will give him/her a heart full of wonder at his/her accomplishments and a
voice that praises his/her desire to serve.

I will place my faith in his/her military training and in God’s protection.
I will give him/her the prayers that will follow him/her where I cannot.

I will be strong when I want to cry and brave when I want to cower.
He/She will know that I am behind him/her every step of the way.

Because I bear the title of Mother of a
United States Service Member

animated blue star line


Veterans Day Parade ~ 11-11-2016 ~ Downtown Las Vegas, NV
Southern Nevada Veterans Home ~ 11-11-2016 ~ Boulder City, NV

**The Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. is a non-partisan, non-political, non-sectarian organization. We do not endorse or support any political candidate nor do we endorse any religious organization. The military represents all aspects of America as does our organization.


Henderson Community Expo – 2016 – National Night Out – Galleria at Sunset

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Blue Star Mothers of Henderson & Boulder City NV4 ~ serving ALL Southern Nevada – Las Vegas Valley