Henderson Military Recognition Banners

City of Henderson Military Recognition Banner Program:

Henderson Military Banner



***City of Henderson continues the tradition of honoring its heroes with banners bearing the name, rank and image of an active military serviceperson with ties to the community. If you are the family member of an active duty serviceperson, help us honor them ~ Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Reserve.  Families may NOW apply year-round and banners are NOW hung year-round.

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Blue Star Banner hung during Vietnam story below:

Service Banner hung in the window during Vietnam until mom went to heaven.
“My mother placed a blue star banner in the window of her home when I first deployed to Vietnam in January of 1968. I was badly wounded about 6 weeks into my tour. I first saw the banner when I went home on pass from the hospital where I spent 6 months partially recovering from the injury I sustained. The banner remained in Mom’s window through my second tour in Vietnam in 1970-71 and until the day she died. I recovered the banner, now tattered and ripped from sun damage, from her house after her death. She displayed the banner in honor of my service. I now display the banner in her memory.”
– Purple Heart recipient – Henderson, Nevada

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Blue Star Mothers of Henderson & Boulder City NV4 ~ serving ALL Southern Nevada – Las Vegas Valley